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About Us

About Us

The following Mission, Vision and Values statements were developed in the spirit of the College of Biological Sciences’ (CBS) Vision Statement and the University of California, Davis’ (UCD) Principles of Community to convey to vested stakeholders, the purpose and future of the Biology Academic Success Center (BASC). These serve as foundational guides for the advisors in the Biology Academic Success Center in our professional academic advising endeavors as representatives of the student body, University of California, Davis and the College of Biological Sciences’ Dean’s Office. 



Empower College of Biological Sciences’ students to achieve their educational goals by encouraging: self-efficacy; the discovery of their own, unique academic path; and engagement within the College of Biological Sciences and the University of California, Davis communities.


To reach each College of Biological Sciences student through proactive, holistic advising, in collaboration with College of Biological Sciences faculty and university student affairs colleagues. Enhance the student experience from admission to graduation, encouraging students to become globally active citizens and innovative leaders.


We believe:

  • Intentional learning, one’s desire to obtain, question, and apply knowledge, fosters an appreciation for the intellectual richness obtained from a comprehensive education
  • Individuals benefit when exploration and critical thinking promote self-identity and cultural competence in a multi-faceted community
  • In teaching students self-advocacy and encouraging them to develop  life‑long learning competencies to help them assume responsibility of their education and well-being, maximizing their strengths
  • Our practices are guided by professional academic advising principles, including student development theories and student-centered services
  • The academic integrity of the College of Biological Sciences thrives through consistent and fair practices based on mutually respectful collaborations and partnerships
  • Our efforts support students towards becoming engaged citizens within local, regional and global communities as practitioners in the biological sciences


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BASC Academic Advisors and Faculty Advisors are both available to help you plan your courses, stay on track, and succeed in the College of Biological Sciences. Additionally, undergraduate Peer Advisors, many of whom have taken the same classes you will be taking, are available to help you through the process. 

Get to know our advisors: 

  • Academic Advisors
  • International Student Advisor
  • Master Advisors
  • Peer Advisors
  • College of Biological Science Counselor

Academic Advisors